Protein Box

Protein Box

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Farm2table Protein box will be the perfect amount of protein for you. Most dietitians recommend between 1.2g - 2.0g of protein per kg of body weight. We have created this box to be perfect for you.

See the sizes below for a recommendation for you. 

Sizes for body weight               

60-70 kg 
Chicken breast 300g 
Chicken legs 300g 
Pork Tenderloin 350g 
Lean Mince beef 250g 
Lean Butchers sausage 250g 
Rump Steak 400g 

70-80 kg
Chicken breast 350g
Chicken legs 350g
Pork Tenderloin 420g
Lean Mince beef 300g
Lean Butchers sausage 300g
Rump Steak 480g

90-100 kg 
Chicken breast 455g
Chicken legs 455g
Pork Tenderloin 450g
Lean Mince beef 400g
Lean Butchers sausage 400g
Rump Steak 625g

Chicken breast 600g
Chicken legs 600g
Pork Tenderloin 700g
Lean Mince beef 550g
Lean Butchers sausage 500g
Rump Steak 800g