Our Farming Partners

Some of our Farmer Partners we source the meat from
Great Garnetts
Sutton Hoo Chickens
Goldings Estate Farm
Deersbrook Farm
Born & Reared on the Farm

The Smith family has been farming at Great Garnetts since 1970 and the business is currently headed up by Jonathan and his wife Julie.
Our priorities remain the same today as they were in the 70’s on the welfare of our animals and the quality of our products. Our business thrives on the enthusiasm of the whole team at Garnetts whose commitment to stockmanship, welfare and animal husbandry is of the highest standard.

Truly Delicious Flavour

The story of Sutton Hoo Chicken began in 1994 when Charles & Belinda Nash set out on a mission to rear truly free range chicken in the Suffolk countryside they both loved. Despite Charles’ passing in 2009, Belinda and Charles’ godson, Will, continues to carry on the couple’s lifelong dream, growing the chickens traditionally, for longer and free range on Suffolk meadows. The traditional breed used is a slower growing chicken; grown on average for 10 weeks and 25% longer than standard free range chickens.

Farm without the use of pesticides 

Goldings Estate Rare Breeds Farm is a conservation Farming Project in the heart of Hertford, with the support of DEFRA, Woodland Trust, English Nature, and many others. We are the alternative to the broken and defunct intensive farming system that is needed to promote quality British Meat, whilst integrating the sustainability of our wildlife and their habitats firmly within the core of our farming operation.
Essex first 100% grass-fed cattle

A Our home produced 100% certified grass feed beef is predominately from our Native Sussex cattle. They are reared on our mature grassland to provide our truly great tasting, nutritious beef. You'll find our beef to be a deep plumy red with creamy coloured fat, showing that our cattle have lived on natural premium conditions.