Ox Cheeks x 2

Ox Cheeks x 2

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"Rediscover the Culinary Gem: Ox Cheeks, Slow-Cooked Perfection

Our Ox cheeks offer a delightful culinary adventure. Slow-cooked to absolute tenderness, they're a revived classic cut, known for their rich and sumptuous flavors. This cut, derived from the cheek muscles of the ox, showcases its true potential when prepared with patience.

Ideal for crafting unforgettable stews, braises, and dishes that melt in your mouth, Ox cheeks provide a remarkable depth of flavour. As a versatile ingredient, they absorb the savoury essence of your favourite sauces, seasonings, and herbs, making them a must-try for any gourmet chef or home cook.

Package Size:

Each package contains two cheeks, totalling approximately 1kg making it perfect for serving 2-4 people.