Pigs Cheeks

Pig's Cheeks

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Our pork cheeks offer excellent value and, when simmered slowly, they transform into an irresistibly tender and flavorful delight. These cheek cuts, meticulously trimmed and cleaned by our head butcher, simplify your cooking experience. Pigs cheeks thrive in slow-cooking, preferably in a rich liquid such as beer or red wine. The outcome is meat so tender that a fork is all you need to savor it. For the ultimate experience, serve it alongside a creamy mash and a generous drizzle of the cooking juices.

Enjoy the ultimate slow-cooked experience with our finely trimmed and cleaned pork cheeks. When simmered in liquid such as beer or red wine, the cheeks become tender and succulent, with rich, mouth-watering flavors. Serve as a main dish alongside a creamy mash and the cooking juices for an exquisite culinary experience.

Packs Size

Approx 6 Cheeks 500 grms