Ultimate Christmas Box

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"Introducing Our Exceptional Christmas Box, a masterpiece destined to leave an enduring mark on your holiday feast, enchanting every guest with its delightful offerings.

- Tender Turkey (Deboned & Rolled) - A minimum of 500 grams per person.
- Aged to Perfection: Beef Sirloin, Aged for 28 Days - A minimum of 250 grams per person.
- Your Gammon, Your Way: Cooked Gammon Ham, with your choice of plain or Breaded - A minimum of 300 grams per person.
- The Complete Festive Ensemble: Pigs in Blankets (3 per person), Crispy Streaky Bacon (3 Rashers per person), and Flavourful Stuffing Balls (3 Per person).

Rest assured, you can place your complete trust in us when we assure you there will be an abundance of meat to satiate the appetites of all your guests. We stand by our word!

Tony Hopkins, Farm2Table Butchers."