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In Tony's words

I ran my fourth London Marathon last week, although the last one was 5 years ago. I have been training throughout the winter and three weeks ago we even had snow in England , it was predicted it was going to be a hot one but as the weekend approached it look at if it was cooling down for the Marathon. However, in the morning the Sun was out and not a sign of any clouds. We were warned not to try beat any PB and take plenty of water, there was extra shower put around the course and told to reevaluate our race.
The race was stated by the Queen and soon was on our way, immediately there was people looking hot and complaining about the weather. The sun brought the crowds out and had the most amazing time being cheered on by the thousands of people lining the streets from mile one to the end.
I was feeling strong and took the advice of water and didn’t even look at my time, however I was surprised I completed half by 2 hours 11 minutes. By the 18th mile there seemed to be people falling all over the place, I witnessed 4 people lying on the ground with medial staff around them with oxygen which makes it look scary, people being sick and people stopping as you were trying to run. This immediately had a negative affect on my mind set and although trying to stop them thoughts found myself starting to walk at this point. The crowds were fantastic and managed to see many of my family and friends around the course which got me over the finishing line in under 5 hours (although a little disappointed with the time I was proud of myself completing it and reflected on the money I had raised and how I felt so much in a better in myself physically and mentally).


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